3M is one of the 30 Dow Industrials and MMM is one of the leading companies today by market capitalization. We all know that 3M functions through five sectors and it is a technology company. An industrial sector is one of these five sectors that serves a range of markets or 3M MMM Stock Price. The categories of industrial sector are automotive original equipment manufacturer and, construction, automotive aftermarket, food, and beverage.

Other sectors are Safety and Graphics, Health Care, and Consumer segment, which relates to security, medical clinics, and business, respectively. Now, let us the 3M MMM Stock Price detail, below,

3M MMM Stock Price – MMM Earnings

The earning per share or EPS is $ 9.17 and price to earnings ratio or P/E Ratio is 25.84%. The stocks can create an immense percentage moves on the earnings proclamation. The Corporations proclaim earnings moreover, before the market open or after the close. The 3M MMM Stock Price, Earnings Release Date for 3M MMM Stock Price Co. was Tuesday, 24 October 2017. The stock price is up by +6.98% since this 3M MMM Stock Price earnings release 124 days ago.


3M MMM Stock Price

The importance of an earnings report of the company, many investors know this importance very well. The best thing to predict the future price forecast of the shares is the market reaction to the earnings release and it can be more vital for investors.

For numerous days or weeks subsequently, the earnings date, the noteworthy post earnings proclamation % move can carry on or reverse a present trend. The latest Earnings Release Date was on Thursday, 25 January 2018, which was 31 days before. However, unfortunately, the 3M MMM Stock Price is down by -4.31% since this latest Earnings Release Date.

3M MMM Stock Price – 3M Dividend

The yearly 2.30% is the Dividend Yield and 3M MMM Stock Price Co. is one of a little Dividend Aristocrats stocks that is S&P 500. For 25 consecutive years, 3M MMM Stock Price and the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats are components that have increased their dividend expenditures.

The stock price is up by 0.92% since the Ex-Date on Thursday, 15 February 2018, 10 days before. The Wednesday, 16 May 2018 will be the next ex-dividend date. The Pay Date is Monday, 12 March 2018, which is in 15 days. It should indicate in your account on that day or the next day the 3M MMM Stock Price market is open.